Sell us Your Pokemon Bulk

Thank you for entrusting us with your bulks! Please note that we have accumulated backlog of submission. If you are sending us new bulks, it can take about a month for us to process it.

Sell us your Pokemon bulk by filling out the form below. All bulk must be English, and Near Mint. We will refuse all other languages and conditions. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at sales@happytcg.ca

BULK Pokemon cards MUST be, ENGLISH, Near Mint, AUTHENTIC (No World Championship cards), can be from ANY NON WotC set (EX Series FORWARD).

Please DO NOT send in any sleeved cards as sending them in sleeves WILL result in delays, and reduced payout, as removing the sleeves takes a lot of time away from processing other bulk submissions.

Promo cards will be counted as if they were not promos.

If your BULK Submission DOES NOT meet the requirements, they will be disposed of, at no cost, or mailed back to you, for the cost of return shipping (Paid by YOU)

CASH Payout is done via PayPal (We do not cover the fees associated with PayPal payments)

Please Be sure to package your bulk securely so the cards do not get damaged during shipping. 
Please bundle your cards in stacks of 100 cards in some sort of plastic wrap, paper, or you can use ziploc bags or something similar. 
Sender is responsible for shipping fees. We can provide a shipping label for you and deduct the cost on your bulk.

By sending us your submission, you have read and agreed to our listing. Please submit the form below and we will reply you with the mailing instruction:

    Bulks are (There is a 15% processing fee for all bulk that we have to sort.)

    Basic Energy



    Reverse Holo/Holo C/UC/Rare



    Hidden Fates Shiny Vault

    EX/GX/V Pokemon

    Amazing Rare

    VMAX Pokemon

    Rainbow/Gold Cards

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