Please read Shipping & Returns

Protection against fraudulent activity

All orders are required to be paid with matching shipping and billing addresses. If an address mismatch appears on the invoice, we will may cancel and refund the order without warning. You may place the order again with matching information at a later time. This is to ensure protection from credit card theft.

International Shipping

For orders being sent outside of Canada, we are not responsible for the costs of potential customs fees that may be incurred once it reaches your country. We are also not responsible for any delays that may occur, if it is held in customs for any amount of time.


Prices are at our sole discretion and may vary without notice. If you believe there is an error in our pricing and find a better deal elsewhere, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to be as competitive as possible, within reason. We will not price match product from any other website that is currently offering a promotion on the product chosen.


Taxes will be adjusted and charged on checkout according to the selected shipping address for Canadian residents, following our Tax Table.  Without any shipping address available, taxes are calculated as if you were in Quebec, Canada:

ProvincePST %GST %HST %Total %
British Columbia7.0%5.0%0.0%12.0%
New Brunswick0.0%0.0%15.0%15.0%
Newfoundland And Labrador0.0%0.0%15.0%15.0%
Nova Scotia0.0%0.0%15.0%15.0%
Northwest Territories0.0%5.0%0.0%5.0%
Prince Edward Island0.0%0.0%15.0%15.0%


Pokemon TCG: Please refer to this page for Bulk.

Store Credit

Store Credit also refer to Happy Coin can be obtained from selling cards and buying products. Store credit can be used on ALL products in our store.

Please refer to this page for Happy Coin.


Pre-ordering upcoming products is highly encouraged to secure any quantities that you may need. Once paid in full, your pre-order is locked in and you are guaranteed to receive the product, unless third party actions force us to cancel. If you place a pre-order with items that are currently available, those items will not be shipped out until all products in the order are available. We strongly suggest that you avoid placing “pre-order” and “non-pre-order” items together, as there are often issues relating to our inventory’s updates and some products may not be available upon completion of your pre-order.

We would be happy to split your order into two shipments, but please note that this may increase your total shipping costs as it is more expensive for us to ship two packages rather than one. We will let you know what your new shipping costs will be before we ship any part of your order.

Cancellation of Pre-Orders will incur a 10% Processing Fee. No exceptions will be made.


Refunds are possible on tracked shipping, for missing products. If this happens, you can reach us by Facebook or email.  We may ask you for additional documents such as pictures of the shipped products or we may ask you to return the items before processing to refunds.  We’ll notify you via e-mail of your refund once we’ve received and processed the necessary documents.  This process can take up to a week in addition to all shipping delays.  

At our sole discretion, a 10% restocking fee may be applied on any refunds demanded by the client in the event of an order cancellation if the request is found to be for reasons outside of our control.


HappyTCG is not responsible for any errors made by third party services.  This includes and is not limited to: TCG TARES AND RIPS, Postal Services and Card Processing services. We will work with you at the best of our capacity for whatever situation linked to our services.

Last updated: April 9th 2022

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