Formerly knows as The Kanto Region back in 2020!

Here at HappyTCG, we have one common passion, Pokemon! It all started with the passion of collecting Pokemon Cards and playing Pokemon since the 90′. You name it : First Edition Base set, we got them all! Pokemon Red and Blue on gameboy console, we catch’em all! All the above led to our goal of starting our business and providing the best customer service with knowledgeable staff and competitive prices.

Beside Pokemon, our online store sells other TCG, collectible toys, figurine, model kits and hobby supplies.

We also care about animals

For every product purchases in our Merchandises section, we will donate 2$ to our local animal shelter or rescue organization.

Environmental Conscience

Environmental conscience is the orientation of personal values and is defined as the awareness, concerns and values that individuals have towards the environment situations. Starting 2022, HappyTCG will be eco-friendly! During the year, we will switch our packing supplies with sustainable products that are recycled, recyclable and naturally biodegradable packaging. Which mean no more bubble wrap! Therefor, we will still protect your collectible with other sustainable products.

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