RGB Lightsaber – Entry Level Dueling Saber with Sound


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There are regular replica lightsabers and then there’s our Dueling RGB Lightsaber with an ability to produce lots of different colors for its blade with sound! – allowing you to replicate the lightsaber of your favorite Star Wars Jedi or Sith.


RGB Lightsaber – Entry Level Dueling Saber with Sound

The RGB baselit lightsabers come up with super bright LEDs with 11 presets. These LEDs are fitted into the saber hilt and the duel grade lightsaber blade make the lightsaber combat ready.

RGB is an acronym for the color scheme of “Red, Green, and Blue”. These are also the basic colors that mix up with each other and extend exciting color schemes for Star Wars geeks. Our listed RGB lightsabers also depict the same scintillating scheme. The user would love to brandish!

Products Description

Aluminium alloy & Polycarbonate
Handle Size
Blade Size
Total Size
Handle Color
Gray, Silver, Black, Golden, Red, Blue
Sword Body Light Color
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light blue, Blue, Purple, Cold white, Sky blue, Ice blue, Pink
Charging And Playing Time
2-3 hours – 1-2 hours
LED Lights
9W Medium bright
Sound Effects
3 sets of sound effects


The lightsaber is equipped with a USB charging cable, which can be connected to a computer USB port for charging, or connected to a charger that outputs 5V1A!
It is forbidden to charge with a charger with a larger parameter! Please read the manual carefully before playing!
Note 1: To make a double-bladed lightsaber, this connector is required. Use it to link the bottoms of two lightsabers together. Your double-bladed lightsaber is now complete!
Note 2: This product comes with both the lightsaber hilt and the blade. But if you’re only looking for the blade (maybe as a replacement for a broken one), please get the 22.2x770mm blade here.

Package Includes:

  • 1 lightsaber handle
  • 1 lightsaber blade
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 x Six angle wrench
  • 2 spare screwdrivers
  • 1 x decorative winding belt

How To Use:

  • Turn ON: Press the button for 1 second.
    Turn OFF: Press the button for 4 seconds.

Lightsaber Features

  • Strong enough for medium to heavy dueling. Has flash-on-clash (FOC) effect for realistic lightsaber duels. The lightsaber will automatically flash white and emit a sound when it hits something. Just like in Star Wars!
  • Ultra-loud sound volume and bright LED lights.
  • Removable blade – use the tool provided to loosen the screws in the hilt.
  • Sensitive swing and clash sounds like real lightsabers.
  • Can connect two lightsabers to form one “deadly” double-bladed lightsaber.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 92 cm

Grey, Black, Silver, Gold, Red, Blue

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