Pokémon Origins – Episode 3 [English]


After Red has obtained two more badges and evolved his Pokémon into Charizard, he and Blue encounter the secretary of the president of the Silph Company, which Team Rocket has taken over to obtain the Master Ball, a Poké Ball capable of capturing any Pokémon without fail. Red infiltrates the Silph Company, freeing all the imprisoned scientists and Pokémon, and receiving a Lapras in gratitude. Red faces Team Rocket’s leader, Giovanni, who beats him with his Nidoqueen before escaping. Continuing his journey and earning more badges, Red arrives at Viridian City, where he discovers the final Gym Leader is Giovanni himself. Giovanni first sends out a Rhyhorn, who effortlessly beats most of Red’s Pokémon, but Red manages to pull off a double knockout with his Hitmonlee. Red then sends his Charizard against Giovanni’s Rhydon, managing to defeat it. Respecting Red’s strength, Giovanni disbands Team Rocket’s operations and awards Red with the final Gym Badge needed to enter the Pokémon League.

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